Friday, October 18, 2013

When I started My mission as a web designer

When I began doing this we had been what you’d call a petit-comitè. I known as me personally a developer and worked with a great visual designer, one of a kind. Our tasks had been crystal clear in those days.

Months came, seasons went and that we began acquiring deeper and deeper in it. Our websites grew more and more complicated, as our imagination kept moving forward. We shortly discovered ourselves inside a crossroads and we have been compelled to rethink our whole model.

My mission into design began with typography, probably the only industry in which my man Felipe had not been incredibly liquid. Until I cut off from Adobe’s Creative Suite cold-turkey, although i never called myself ‘designer’. Slowly but steadily my role advanced on to designing for interactivity and functionality copywriting and interactivity, constructing content material, creating layouts sensitive, creating strange customized website applications… I was developing. Felipe’s part evolved as well, because he began getting steadily into improvement, my former part of things. It was from working together that people both widened our notions and eventually our method. We had been normally reacting to a different kind of circumstance.